The Wedding Gift - Karla Kush, Scarlett Sage, Autumn Falls
Published on: 27 Jun, 2024 1.84K views

Scarlett Sage and Autumn Falls are newlyweds enjoying their honeymoon. They’ve arrived at a massage parlor for a romantic couples’ massage, although Autumn admits that she’s never had a massage before and is nervous. Plus, she’s not sure how she’ll feel having another woman touching her. Scarlett finds this endearing, assuring her wife that she’ll love the massage and that everything will be fine! When the masseuse, Karla Kush, greets them, the happy couple announces that they were given a massage package by their bridesmaids. Karla is happy to lead them into the parlor and massage them, starting with Autumn. Although Autumn needs to be eased into it a bit, she soon melts into Karla’s experienced touch. She’s so pleased by the massage that she starts to become aroused, which instantly makes Scarlett warm. Scarlett asks if she can learn how to give a massage like that to please her wife and Karla lets her join. Both women sensually massage Autumn until Scarlett is unable to resist having her wife right then and there! Too turned on to be shy, Autumn thoroughly enjoys having Scarlett eat her pussy out on the massage table. Their special gift becomes even more special when Karla is invited to join them… It looks like Autumn won’t be shy about getting massages anymore!
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