The Clumsiest Girl In The WorldHD - Kendra Sunderland
Published on: 11 Mar, 2021 10.97K views

Kendra Sunderland is the complete package. She's got brains, she’s got beauty, and she's got sarcasm drier than Mars. But nothing in this world is perfect... She's a clutz. She spills her drinks, backs into trash cans, gets stuck in washing machines... You name it, she's probably spent an uncomfortable amount of time stuck inside it. We follow Kendra during her typical Sunday routine - cleaning up around the house in a comfy-yet-hot outfit that only she could pull off... Bashing into furniture, soaking her shirt, and maybe doing more harm than good... However, perhaps she can use this perception to get something a little bit more out of her day. A convenient cat tree, a believable backstory, giant tits hanging and round delicious ass wiggling... Zac will never know what hit him. Porn Star: Kendra Sunderland
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