Slimthick Vic - Mother's Bad Date - MissaX
Published on: 03 Sep, 2022 113.27K views

Popular new gonzo performer Slimthick Vic gets an opportunity to display her acting ability in this MissaX faux incest feature. She's mighty alluring in her jogging outfit including tights, showing off her big posterior nicely. Opening scene utilizes familiar Missa format of her relaxing on the sofa with a big bowl of popcorn, waiting to watch not the usual porn but instead a football game on tv with stepson Ricky Spanish. The kid spots some sexting on her smartphone and gets mom to talk about a very bad set of dates she had with a guy she met via a dating app, which Ricky identifies as more of a hookup app. Then mom goes for her jog and comes back all sweaty, a turn-on for Ricky (and the viewer, of course). He offers her a massage, starting with feet, then neck an on to the familiar massage leading to sex. Vic definitely won new fans (myself included) with her sympathetic performance here, and the lengthy show has her smoothly seguing into gonzo mode, eliciting a creampie and more from her satisfied kiddo.
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