Scarlett Alexis & Sinatra Monroe — Project Blue Balls
Published on: 17 Jun, 2024 21.41K views

Scarlett Alexis and Sinatra Monroe drive Scarlett's husband crazy with stories of aliens, UFOs, and general conspiracy theories, turning (what could have been) a regular dinner into a wacko discussion. When the husband hits his limit, Ricky Johnson and his Ryan Pownall, dressed in black shades and suits (like the you-know-who), bust in. Who are these guys? Ricky wastes no time confirming the girls' suspicions while Sinatra and Alexis share his cock, sucking and riding him. Pownall holds the husband back as Ricky fucks Scarlett and Alexis senseless, leaving shimmering pussy trails all over the couch. After Ricky coats the women's tongues with cum, they utilize secret government technology to scramble his brain and go on to get their next conspiracy nut.
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