Big Dick Revenge! - Lovely Luna
Published on: 06 Jul, 2021 21.75K views

The Lovely Luna just found pictures online of her boyfriend with a naked woman. She sadly vents to her stepdad about what she found and wants to think of a way to get back at him. She decides that it'd be the perfect revenge to post pictures of her next to a big dick! She asks her step dad to help her and he does it as long as his face isnt in it. She had no idea how massive his dick would actually be. She fell in love with that dick! She couldn't help herself, she got so fucking horny that she needed a taste. She gives him an amazing, sloppy blowjob and he fucks his little step daughter like the sexy slut that she is. She films it all on her phone and sends it directly to her stupid boyfriend. Porn Star: Lovely Luna
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